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July 10, 2011

Don't gives up!

Even if it's hard and you thinking of giving up so many times,
Don't ever gives up!
I'm your friend whether you're successful or failed.
Even when you turn away from your studies, your family, your friends, your special someone,
the thing we've used to believe together, the Faith,
I'm still your friend.
I'm fully aware that I'm not good in consoling or encouraging people,
You knew it too..but
Did you knew, in my heart it's ache for you.
Even in my mind, you too were there, wandering...
I may look unconcerned on the outside,
But sometimes I'm thinking about you so much that
I want to cry...
I will never gives up on you.
You too don't ever gives up on yourself, even if you failed.
You are in my prayers~

Jesus loves you :)

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